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As a subscriber to Supply Chain Effect, you get a magazine packed with features that consists of the best of the latest in supply chain management – smart content with a focus on a wide perspective to assist you in getting the full effect from your supply chain. You also get access to a unique network made up of leading individuals, companies and organizations within SCM in the Nordic region as well as special offers to participate in round-tables, workshops and other value-creating events.

The cost of a one-year subscription is SEK 699 including VAT (6 issues)


Supply Chain Effect (SCE) is Scandinavia’s only business magazine focusing on Supply Chain Management. The magazine focuses on supply flows within and between companies from a strategic and tactical perspective. SCE is published 4 times annually as a magazine/newspaper and 12 times per year as an electronic newsletter.

Supply Chain Effect anticipates, follows, interprets and takes an in-depth look at trends and publishes articles with a focus on cutting-edge information and a wide perspective. The readership is unique in that it consists of 12,000 executives in senior positions in the supply chain, in both large and medium-sized Nordic companies.

The content is also unique through a mixture of popular science articles from many of our foremost academicians, which is balanced by very practically-oriented SCM articles, reports, interviews and case studies that represent best practice.

In addition to advertising in the magazine, Supply Chain Effect offers:

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Unique partnerships

Working with the best people, companies and organizations is the basic idea behind Supply Chain Effect. Through partnership, it will be possible to share, process, develop and disseminate world-class content.

An important partnership is Supply Chain Effect’s content collaboration with leading researchers at Linköping University, Stockholm University/Stockholm Business School and the Centre for Trade Research/Lund University.

In addition, a number of partnerships are carried out with companies, organizations, individual writers, consultants, researchers and other people who provide knowledge and contacts.

Editorial board

SCE’s editorial board consists of Mats Abrahamsson, Professor of Logistics at Linköping University, Sven-Olof Kulldorff, professional board member and former Director of Purchasing IKEA and Vice-president of ICA, Marie Nordin, Supply Chain Director, Omega Pharma, and Martin Randel, CEO of Unifaun.


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